“Aliyah get up please, We need to talk” she said so calmly, I didn’t know why but it made me scared; I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just nervous of what she was going to tell you. I got up, looked at her and answered her call. She was expressionless so I couldn’t read her face, I was in a tight spot and I hated feeling this way.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been uneasy since you told me the truth and I’d like to clear the air. I’m sure Goke didn’t tell you what was between us and I’d like you to know now”. She said this with a sad face and it felt like she was drawing energy from deep down. She broke down in tears before she continued her story, this time I let her cry.

“I was a young girl when I met him. He was older, five years older and I had a crush on him; He was my brother’s friend so I saw him everyday. I fell for him and I guess he didn’t feel the same way for me.” Tears rolled down her eyes as she said the last sentence with so much pain. At this point, I had to speak; I had to let her know I was there for her. I put my arm around her and told her “I’m here for you, You just have to let it all out so you can move on.” She smiled and continued her story.

“One day, I told him how I felt ‘cos I was tired of hiding it and he didn’t say anything. That was the biggest mistake I ever made, I swear I wish I didn’t.”

“Did he hurt you?” I asked

She stood up walked a few meters and looked back at me with a piercing look and said “He made me have sex with him one night when my brother wasn’t home. I don’t regret doing it but I wish I never did it.”

I was lost, I didn’t know what was going on. was she still in love with him? Did she hate him for using her? Did she regret her actions? I was getting confused just thinking about the questions then she started crying and shouting loudly.

“I hate him! I hate him! I wish I could kill him. I just want to kill him! Why did he do this to me?” I never expected Rachael to be this touchy when it came to matters of the heart, she was a hard girl and I expected her to be one at this moment.

“Pull yourself together and be the strong woman I know you to be and forget what that idiot thinks about you. You’re beautiful and any man would be stupid to not want you. Remember, you don’t have to force anyone to be with you. Love yourself deeply and the world would love you.”

I don’t know where the pep talk came from and how good it was but it seemed to calm her down and she was smiling again.

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