Staying away from Goke-Rachael’s mess was harder than I thought cos she always told me about him, Goke did this, I wish Goke was here, I want to see Goke.. Like, it was getting tiring. At a point, I was forced to shout at her; she needed to know he was gone and wasn’t coming back… I told her the truth!

“Rachael you need to know something and I want to be the one to tell you this.”

“What is it again? Why does it feel like I won’t like what I’m about to hear?”

And I started from the beginning down to where we were.. I left nothing out even though deep down I wish I lied but why should I have? It’s not like I fucked him or anything; he was just someone I really trusted and loved. I stared at her waiting for a reply, It felt like I was awaiting judgement.. Guys, I was trembling inside, she didn’t even say anything; She just smiled and was quiet. Never ever, be calm when a woman is quiet especially when you think she should say something. So I waited and waited, I couldn’t ask ‘cos I didn’t want to be the one to start it; It was very uncomfortable!

Later that night, she cooked and made my favorite, Jollof Rice, Plantain, And Roasted Chicken (that she got when she went out) but she still wasn’t talking about the “issue”. I formed un-bothered and ate the food well, I even belched loudly sef, lol. After the food, I decide to work on my assignment; no way was I gonna let my grades drop. I was gonna work extra hard and try to make my parents proud especially mum. And that was how mum called almost immediately, how did she even know I was thinking about her?

“Where are you? What are you doing?” She said not as soon as I picked.

“Mummy, Good Evening. I’m in my room reading. What’s happening?”

“I was just checking on you, to know how things were and to find out how you were faring.”

“Mum I’m fine and I’m not in any trouble. I really need to go back to my reading now, regards to Dad and my siblings.”

“Okay oh. I’d tell them. Call if you need anything.” She ended the calls with prayers as usual and I have to admit,  I really needed them right now. I went back to reading and was enjoying it when Rachael tapped me and said “Are you awake?” The dreaded moment had arrived, Help me please!

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