School, the next day was drab… I wasn’t really focusing on anything. I was so sad and out of tune with the world, you’d think my world had come crashing down. I hated thinking, I hated feeling vulnerable more. i was so deep in thought, I didn’t even hear when the lecturer called my name, someone had to tap me.

“What did I say? Can you go through it again. Explain the topic above.” he said

Obviously I wasn’t listening so I just stared at him hoping he’d say I should sit and continue but he didn’t.

“Young lady leave my class and see me in my office once this class is over.” I didn’t even look back, I just picked up my things and left. My head was spinning, so many thoughts running through my head; I didn’t need stress! I waited outside the class and took out my phone from my bag. I wanted to go through my messages. I had 20 missed calls and 5 text messages all from Goke, oh great; He was prolly calling to explain!

“Babe pick up! We need to talk”, “It seems like you’re avoiding me, please talk to me”, “Please fucking talk to me”, “PICK UP PLEASE!”, “I wished you knew how much you’re hurting me Aliyah.. Talk to me!”; These were the messages he sent me. What did he expect me to do? I needed time to process his rejection, I needed to be on my own and not hear a word for him; I needed to be in  a world without HIM!

The class was finally over and people were trooping out.. I made my way to the lecturer’s office and waited for him to get there. He got to his office after 5 minutes and told me to come in. I’ve never actually been in any lecturer’s office so I was kinda scared, I was literally shaking.

“Sir, you asked me to come see you.”

He looked at me and said “You were lost in my class, not paying any attention. I won’t tolerate it in my class.”

“I’m sorry sir. I am really under a lot of stress.”

“You need to get your act right. I don’t want to send you out of my class next time so better get your head right.”

“I’m sorry sir, Thank you so much!” I left without looking back. I didn’t even think much, just picked a cab to my hostel; I needed sleep! On getting to my room, I met Rachael crying, there goes any chances of me sleeping early.

“What’s wrong babe? Why are you crying?” I asked moving over to where she was sitting.

“Its Goke babe.. I don’t even know where to start from” She said amidst tears.

She ran me through the whole thing when she had calm down.. So basically, Goke had come to the hostel earlier and had told her to stay away from him, telling her what she think they had was over; He had created a scene and left her standing outside embarrassed. Why wasn’t I even surprised? Goke always did drastic things when he was angry and didn’t care who he hurt.

I comforted her and made sure she slept before I put a call through to Goke, I needed to know the reason for his actions. After two rings, he finally picked up.

“Aliyah, Thank God. I’ve been worried sick about you. I’m so…..”

“What happened today? Why did you treat Rachael like dirt?” I said cutting in while he was still talking.

“We need to see.. I can’t explain things over the phone. You need to trust me please, I’m not doing anything with her.’

“Don’t lie to me. I really don’t want your lies rn.. Just fucking tell me the truth okay”

“She’s just a stalker Aliyah! Please don’t let me explain things over the phone. I need you to look at me while I talk to you, please!  I didn’t even reply him.. I just hung up! I didn’t know what or who to believe; I’d rather not get tangled in their mess.

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