Baby gone, Boyfriend gone, Love of a mother gone too; I was alone! You don’t know how it feels to be treated like an outcast in your own home, to be treated like a dog, to be shut out by your own mother… I experienced all these! I’m not one to ignore things, hell I don’t even know how to un-look. I was a crier and it took little things to make me cry.

All these were happening under the nose of my family, no one knew the reason why; It was a secret between mum and I, one she threatened me with every time I messed up! I was the child no mother wanted according to mum and I wasn’t going to beg for her love or attention. No one knew how the pregnancy affected me, how Tobe’s denial broke me how my mum’s hate shattered my heart, No one knew my hurt and how I cried every night; no one but God and I.

All these coupled with Seun’s actions was enough to turn me into A devil! I was dead inside; A walking dead! I swore to never let any man in anymore except I wanted to use him. Yes, I was a user and I won’t deny it! They all wanted sex and I’d give them but for a price!

It didn’t take long for my next victim to come, it was the one and only Goke! I’m sure y’all would be wondering why Goke was a victim but guys he was a liar and I found out the hard way! I thought he wanted me for me and was ready to keep me but mehn he was a bastard! He wasn’t just after me but he was after every girl in school

The thing is Goke was an Under G Yahoo boy and he loved to spend money on girls, tell them sweet things and try to bed them. I found out the hard way; the day he came to school to see me.

I was getting some documents printed at Jaja Complex when he called; He wanted to see me if I wasn’t busy, told him I’d call when I was done. It took me an hour to finish my stuff then I put a call through to him.

“Babe, I’m done. Where are you?”

“I’m in school atm, Let me come get you.”

It took him five minutes to get to me, got in and we went straight to High-Rise; This was the home of the big boys, an apartment here costs roughly 500k. I wasn’t bothered about the material things I got from him, I was just looking for chills. Anyways, he parked and said we had to talk. Curiosity didn’t allow me let him talk, I was already paranoid; Was he going to break up? He can’t sef we’re not dating. I sha took a deep breath and calmed myself then he spoke.

“Aliyah, You’re beautiful. You’re perfect and I won’t want to hide things from you.”

He was about to drop a shocker, my mind kept telling me.

“I have been hiding the truth from you. I know you might hate me but I’m sorry, It’s not intentional.”

“Please talk Goke, You’re scaring me already. What’s wrong?” I said suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

“I actually don’t want to say anything babe. It’s fun to watch you stress like this” He said laughing.

Goke was fun and such a tease and it was the reason I didn’t hurt him as much as I wanted to. That day, we ate loads of food, sang and watched movies, we even played video games. He dropped me off at my hostel around 7 pm and I got a shocker.

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