I had my first abortion at age 16 and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. My pregnancy ruined my life and almost made me lose my mum (she wasn’t dying, she just hated me). The bastard that was putting me through this wasn’t here to watch me go through pain. The “baby” changed my life and also changed the way I saw men! So you see it wasn’t really my fault I had to plot a revenge later on in life, the same scenario repeated itself and I couldn’t just let it go without fighting back so I became Aliyah, The She-Devil!

My first victim was the bastard Seun who I didn’t have to deal with much, Life did for me. I never used to believe in Karma and its ideals until I experienced it. Seun was dealt with so bad, I was pitying him!

This was how it all happened!

Whilst we were talking one time, He told me of his plans to move to France with his family; he was going to defer his admission in unilag and study over there. I was happy for him, I wished I got such an opportunity. His parents were not so rich but they could afford some things. The “incident” happened a week before he was to apply for his Visa. Now here’s the good part, He was declined! First they found a reason to believe he wasn’t a part of the family and he had other reasons to go abroad. He was distraught, I saw him in school and he was looking like a skrep! All these information, I found out from someone who knew someone that knew him so I never really believed the details; until I experienced another drastic disaster!

Seun was asked to withdraw from Unilag. I was not sad per-say when I heard the news but I was human, I wouldn’t want it to happen to my brother. At his age, he couldn’t possibly start again; he was 26 without anything to fall back to.

Victim one was dealt with without my power, I was going to move unto the next one; This didn’t even take time, He was someone I knew all too perfectly!

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