I was two months pregnant and I found out the worst way ever; Iya Aliyah told me oh btw that’s what I call my mum. She didn’t even let me explain, she just changed towards me; What would I have even told her sef? “Ermm mummy I have started started having sex and I think I’m pregnant”. Guy, she would kill me, she would even send me back to heaven; She was that wicked!

“Aliyah, You’re pregnant!” mum said that hot afternoon.

I wanted to lie oh and say no but maale was smart, she’d figure out I was lying and the suffering would be double; I’d just go with my instinct!

“Mummy, I’m not pregnant. How can I be?” I said in my defense. The slap she gave me was the hardest I’ve ever received, it reset my brain ASAP and I started crying.

“Mummy it’s not what you think, my period was just delayed. I’m not pregnant. I can’t be pregnant!”

This woman looked at me in disgust and I got scared immediately; mum only had this look when she was irritated or when she has had it with you and I think in this situation, it was both!

“What did I ever do to deserve this? I have been good to you but you pay me back this way?” mum said crying.

I’ve never seen mum cry and this was really breaking my heart. I can’t even explain how I felt tho, I was in shambles! I couldn’t even say anything, I just watched her cry until she left me alone standing there! The next thing I did was to call Tobe, he didn’t pick so I texted him telling him I needed to speak with him urgently and i slept off almost immediately. He called after two hours and our conversation went thus

“Hey babe, missed your calls; i’m sorry. Got your text too. Wassup?”

“Tobe, it has happened. I’m pregnant!”

“Lol, you must be joking! Pregnant how? It’s a big lie! How come?”

“How come? You’re asking me? Tobe, if this is a joke, please stop it.”

“See I’m not the father of the baby that’s if you’re carrying one. Don’t you ever call me again.

The call was disconnected. What just happened right now? I was dumped and denied all in the same day, this can’t be happening seriously! I tried calling back only for it to keep diverting!

Tobe blocked my number!

I was alone and “pregnant”, What would I do now? I thought before settling on the only option I had, An Abortion!

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