Hey guys welcome to the concluding part of Aisha’s Tales. Watch how my “pleasing my master” agenda makes me a favorite and opens up my submissive and freaky self..

Hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I do.

Vanilla To Strawberry?(Josh’s POV)Aisha's Tales 3 (Pleasing My Master) 1

What started as a normal vanilla relationship ended up being more than that, I’d like to call it Strawberry cos who doesn’t like strawberry?

Aisha is a shy, stick to vanilla sex kinda girl but is open to freaky shit whereas I’m a dominant yet dimming that cos of Aisha. I figured I couldn’t go on anymore and needed her to explore this side of her which I knew existed hence the BDSM tools in my bag.

I ordered take-out before we began this new phase, no one wants to be submissive on an empty stomach and I needed her to be. Food came in 20 minutes and we sat quietly on the floor to eat only making small talk at intervals.

Aisha looked really beautiful and happy when she was eating and you could tell by the way her eyes popped when she sees food.

You’re such a sweet girl, aren’t you?” Aisha’s face flushed instantly, her gaze falling to the floor in a shy manner, but Josh refused to let up. “You’re my good girl, my good girl.” She really loved praises and I made sure she got them at odd intervals.

Eventually Aisha’s shyness subsided and her playful nature broke out with an unintentional wiggle. Such a slight wiggle that made me continue, something told me I was doing just what I needed. I pulled her down closer to me, then grabbed her hair, pushing her down onto the floor completely. I scratched her head, then pushed her head up to look at me. “I know what my good girl needs, a treat. After all, we wouldn’t want you sulky and sad.” Her face was still red, but she wiggled with excitement, letting out a little smile.

I reached behind the couch and pulled out my bag, grabbing a cookie from it. I smirked at such a sight, a girl down on the ground for me and only me, someone I almost had wrapped around my finger with such little effort. And with that thought, I gave her the cookie. I then pulled a box out of the bag. “You are my good girl and I’d treat you good if you stay that way.” Put the cookies in her hand, “Now eat up, we’ve got much planned for this evening and you’ll need your energy.”

Aisha did as she was told, not even questioning it. She may have been shy, but this was too good to pass up. As she was eating, I went back to watching TV, leaving her alone on the floor. Dinner was agonizingly slow, but I needed to let the tension build. I wanted this feeling for the rest of the night and knew that it didn’t even require sex, but no doubt the bedroom is where it would lead.

Once she finished her dinner she stayed still on the floor for a good thirty minutes, but eventually she couldn’t stay put any longer, she sat beside me. Sighing sharply I told her to go the floor, “No no! No!. You don’t come close to me till I say so. Understood? Aisha frowned and tried coming close only to be met with the same reaction she got before. After a few times she eventually tired herself out enough and sat on the floor in front of him.

She frowned begging for my attention, her mind and body filling up with submissive feelings. I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her face onto my lap forcefully, keeping her still. “If you don’t behave I’ll be forced to punish you.” She responded with a smile, she liked the sound of that. This was nothing but a big game and she was going to push me back. I swatted at her face, slapping her with barely an ounce of his strength, but enough to leave a light sting on her cheek.

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