Here’s the second part of Aisha’s Tale. Sit back, relax and enjoy this story!

And Then Came A Shocker

Aisha's Tales 2 1

What I thought would be a normal fuck turned out to be one of the freakiest I’ve ever had or even dreamed about. Josh was a sex god and I’m mincing no words. He had this look in his eyes that said, “you are in for the best night of your life. I admit I was a little scared but more intrigued.

His hands wandered, from my legs to my neck, not missing any nook and cranny of my body. I loved his touch, slow but enough to cause a reaction between my thighs. I was ready for whatever he had planned.

He wandered some more, each touch more intense than the last, more rhythmic every time. Letting his hands go deep between my thighs, he brushed the top of my pussy making me jerk forward a little; I wasn’t ready for that.

“You have to relax if you want to enjoy this. Just breathe and let me do the work or I’d have no choice than to…” He let the words roll off his tongue, it sounded more of a threat than comforting words. What was his plan?

He repeated the same thing again, touching me until I was so sensitive then brushing my pussy lightly. I jerked again and moaned a little.

“You’re one stubborn girl, aren’t you? Well this is gonna be fun for me but I really don’t know how it’ll be for you.”

Oh lord, what is he planning? I look up to see him by the table checking his bag for some items and placing them carefully on it. Seeing the whip and cuffs, I call out to him.

“Josh, what are you doing? What do you want to use those for?” I said to him with a puzzled look. He looked at me, smiled and continued what he was doing. I felt uneasy for a few moments but relaxed because I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me.

He walked up to me and said “I’m tired of having vanilla sex with you. I want to show you all you’ve been missing. You have to trust me” and then he sat waiting for my reply holding on to the items he took out of his bag.

I have to admit it was a lot to take in, I wasn’t used to the BDSM type of sex but I was open to it; it was all confusing for me. Not knowing what to do or say, I stared at him in silence. The best part about Josh was the fact that he knew what I wanted to say even when I was quiet.

“I know it’s a lot to take in but I promise you I’d go easy. You have nothing to worry. If you want me to stop, I will.  Just tell me when to.”

It felt a little reassuring having him close to me and telling me all these but I was still a tad scared. don’t blame me for my doubts, I’ve watched a lot of porn movies and the girls never seemed to enjoy it. Me? Aisha? Do BDSM? I never thought i’d see the day but here I am contemplating it.

“When I say stop, you will? Promise? Promise me Josh!!!”

He took my head in his palms and said “Aisha, yes I will. I swear I will”

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Aisha's Tales 2 2

In his hands he had a cuff, blindfolds, feather whip and a vibrator; the videos I’ve watched made me know what they were lol. Relaxing, I let him do what he had to do, trying hard not to get in his way or say anything wrong.

“I need you to relax. breathe and relax please!” he said again.

Breathing in slowly and deeply, I said looking into his eyes “I’m fine Josh, trust me.”

I laid back down waiting for his next steps. So many thoughts running through my head and I was trying so hard to remain cool and calm. Would this go well? Would I enjoy it? Or am I gonna regret this? These thoughts were killing me.

He came close and kissed me on my forehead, reassuring me that he knew what he was doing. I smelt his cologne, it was amazing. I took him in and instantly relaxed. I was going to enjoy this and nothing was going to stop me not even my thoughts.

Kissing me slowly and intensely, his hands wandered again, touching places I wasn’t aware existed; the nape of my neck, the dimples on my face and on my butt. I wanted him everywhere, no I needed him everywhere and I needed him now.

He noticed my body language and he looked up at me smiling then said, “Aisha, relax. Let me lead you!” Lord, this is where I need you most!!!

My Fantasy (Josh’s POV)

Aisha's Tales 2 3

Hi everyone, I’m Josh and here’s my own POV

I met Aisha on social media and I thought she was the most amazing person ever. She was kind, thoughtful and listened to me whenever I needed to rant. Aisha made me laugh even in tough situations and it was normal I fall in love with her. She didn’t want a relationship and she told me so many times.

We have sex a lot especially when Aisha wants to which is twice a week and i was fine with that arrangement but now that I’m in love with her, I wanted to show her I was different from other guys she has been with because the truth is, she’s just scared.

When she called for a meeting today, I decided to show her all that I’m made of and reveal my biggest secret; I love BDSM and I wanted to try it with her. I packed all I needed in trust that she’d want to try it too.

I want to see her squirm, make her body quiver and make her legs shakes. She has to call me Daddy cos i really love that a lot and I need her to beg me to fuck her good. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t force her to do anything out of the ordinary.

This is my fantasy and I hope she wants it too!!!

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