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Fear and Anger

After school fuck with Mr Jones: Part 3 1

We both stared at the door, with so much fear. Mr Jones could lose his job or go to jail for fucking a student and I on the other hand could get expelled unless I played the victim. I was still naked , his pants were still down , and through all of this , his penis was still inside me , he didn’t take it out .

The door was locked , I remember I was the one that locked it but one of my classmates kept on moving the door knob and trying to open it regardless.

We had two options here , it’s either we remain silent and hope my classmates eventually stop knocking and just assume Mr Jones hasn’t arrived at school or we get dressed and we open the door but how would we explain why am I inside the classroom and why was the door locked ?

It was just confusing .

Honestly I just preferred that we remain silent until they went away so he could continue fucking me , I still wanted more of him because before he bend me over he told me this would be our last time , so I wanted to enjoy my last time thoroughly.

I wasn’t sure what was Mr Jones thinking but I could feel his penis get soft inside me , I guess this whole situation turned him off , he was scared. He looked at me and whispered “ keep quiet until they go away” , while he took his penis out of my tight Pussy and put back into his pants .

I thought to myself , if we not opening the door then why must we stop fucking ,

I knew my thinking was very selfish but if we going to get caught ,shouldn’t we make sure it was worth it ?

I was still horny , and it just seemed like this whole situation of almost getting caught was even turning me on but Mr Jones was too freaked out to continue fucking me especially because we could hear my classmates arguing outside

“His not here , maybe he took a day off”

“That means recess!”

“Yesss guys we got a free period , Mr Jones is not here , I never did his homework anyway , let’s go chill by the grounds “

“No let’s go check by the principals office , maybe he left the key there “

“ don’t be a party pooper , lets just go chill by the grounds “

They argued, minutes after that we heard footsteps until it was completely quiet, I guess they decided to go chill by the school grounds after all.

“They gone, so that means we have the whole hour to ourselves “ I said while touching his penis , trying to get it hard again .

Mr Jones pushed me so hard that I fell on the floor and hurt myself

His face was filled with so much anger , I couldn’t believe it.

One lie changed it all.

After school fuck with Mr Jones: Part 3 2

“This is your fault , you stupid bitch, do you understand what you have made me do , you came here and seduced me , you are underage , you are my student , do you understand how much trouble I could be if this came out ? Do you even think ?” He yelled.

I was still on the floor , shocked, I couldn’t believe that Mr Jones just pushed me so hard ,

My leg was painful , I think I injured my ankle and the worse part is that I was still naked .

“Get up ,get dressed and get the fuck out of my classroom, Now!” He said

I didn’t know what to do , why was he being so rude , his not looking at the bigger picture,

His busy over reacting when we could be fucking right now and changing positions.

“I’m not going anywhere until I get what I want , fuck me!” I said

He looked at me with such scary eyes but I didn’t give a damn

If he was so angry , why doesn’t he take out that anger on me , I want him to damage my Pussy , that should calm him .

“Are you out of your mind ? , are you not hearing me ?, are you blind , can you see what is happening, I fucked you yesterday and this morning already , are you not tired ?” He said

Mr Jones really doesn’t understand that I have been having wet dreams about him ever since he started teaching at this school

I have been masturbating to his face almost every night

This was like a dream come true for me

I didn’t give a shit about the danger and consequences, all I wanted was his cock!

“ you angry , I understand, but I won’t tell anyone , just fuck me one last time , just once last time please “ I said

Mr. Jones got closer to me , I thought he was granting my request but he grabbed me by my arm ,pulled me off the floor roughly, and dragged me towards the door

“Ouch you hurting me sir “ I cried

“ you don’t listen , you spoilt brat , you think this is a movie , get dressed before I throw you out naked “ he said.

As he let go of me and threw my school uniform at me

I didn’t wanna get dressed, I wanted him !

I left my uniform on the floor and moved closer to him , I tried touching him while whispering “please” to him but he grabbed me by hand trying to get me off him but I wasn’t backing down ,

We were kind of wrestling now , shouting at each other, he was screaming “get out”while I was screaming “no” , while all of this was happening we didn’t notice that someone was unlocking the door

Next thing the door is open and the principal is looking at us shocked with all of my classmates behind him

Mr Jones was still holding my arm roughly while I was naked .

I was scared and confused , I didn’t know what to do

So I just screamed “ he raped me “.

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