How We Met

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Hi guys, It’s Aisha here. This is how I spent a weekend in paradise with the LOML. I’ll start by telling you what made me start talking to him and after that, i’ll take y’all down our weekend.

I met Olamilekan, that’s his name btw, on a social media site. There are so many things that made me attracted to him. Above all was his smile and thoughtfulness. He had this thing about him, a good vibe I must say and I was loving it. Occasionally, he’ll drop a message for me and joke with me on the TL, it was fun. Until one day, he texted me and that was the beginning to the best weekend ever.

“Hey big head, down for a chat?”

I smiled as I read his message and replied immediately, “Lol I don’t have a big head, why would you say that?”

“Lol your head is big to me though”

We joked around for a while and then he asked for a video-call and that’s how we moved to WhatsApp. Consequently, we were on the phone every time; morning, afternoon and night, it was bliss!

One morning, during our normal calls, he asked if I’d love us to finally get to see. in his own words, “We should hang out soon or what do you think?”

It was definitely a good idea and instantly I said yes. This was the start to our weekend in paradise.

Our First Meeting

A Weekend In Paradise 1 2

It was one of the best moments ever, a weekend in paradise i must say. We hung out at our friend’s and it gave us a chance to talk more. I kinda noticed there was a bond growing and it was strange cos we were just meeting. Though I could feel something growing in me, I didn’t know how he felt. But I really wanted him to say something.

Just as fate would have it, he asked to speak with me privately. My face lit up immediately. Was this where he’d tell me he likes me too? Or would he just tell me he can’t do this and doesn’t feel the same way I do?

“This might sound strange and I don’t want to beat around the bush anymore. You have a good vibe and I really like you a whole lot” he said.

“Like me? I don’t understand”.

“Yes I like you and you know it. But I need to tell you something first”. This was where he dropped a bombshell that left me moody for a while.

“I don’t want anything serious… I like you and I just hope you understand what i’m saying.”

Suddenly, I felt this huge urge to just run away from there and cry my eyes out. I felt used; even though we didn’t date or anything, I just felt that way.

“Yeah I understand you, its fine.” i said as I walked away holding back the tears that were trying so hard to flow out.

The walk back inside the house was sad, lonely and somewhat painful ‘cos I kept replaying the words in my head. Was I throwing myself at him? What exactly is wrong with me? All these questions were running through my mind.

Finally inside, I sat down and tried my best to forget everything. But instead, that moment was stuck in my head, replaying over and over again.. Deep in thought, with my favorite sad song playing in the background, I felt a tap on my shoulder…

What happened next? You’d have to wait for the next post to find out!

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