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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Hakeem: The Stud II

Hakeem: The Stud II (The Massage)

The Massage Parlour!!! I prepared for the massage Hakeem booked me. It was a surprising yet fascinating gift. I took an Uber downtown and pulled up the address he gave me. I was there in 20 minutes. There it was, a brown building with “Lavender

Hakeem: The Stud

Hakeem: The Stud

How I Met Hakeem! Hakeem is everyone’s dream guy and this is the story of how he became my man and our numerous “memories” I met the guy who would become my new boyfriend, Hakeem, at a restaurant one night while helping a friend go

Behind Close Doors 2

Behind Close Doors

This story is not an original BlackHershey work. All rights reserved with the owner. The Beckoning! Jennifer beckoned him into her office. Luke glanced up from his desk, brows furrowed. He’d been in the middle of finishing up another grant application and didn’t appreciate the