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Monthly Archives: June 2018

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Sexcapades – S3E2

Mario, The Hoe! I’m feeling way too happy about this. No reason for school because we’ve had so many inaugural lectures and as the unserious student I am, I’ve been home all week. Now I’m going to school again and I have to see Sandra.


Sexcapades – S3E1

Sexcapades Of A Sex Addict! Ever had a crush on social media and wonder what could have happened between you guys? Well I had one and this is how our sexcapades turned out. It was a sunny afternoon and Mrs Briggs class just ended. Her

My uber driver

Being Jazz!!!

I Fucked My Uber Driver!! I fucked my uber driver and I liked it. Yes, call me a slut or whatever but it was one of the best sex experiences I’ve had! I was at Derek’s and it was time to unleash the hoe in

One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary: The Ups And Downs

One Year Anniversary! Its my One Year Blogging Anniversary! A year ago, I started my blogging career by publishing my first post. In that post, I talked about the beginning of my blog and I was scared to publish it. I was nervous and anxious. Would people