Hello guys, this story is about a personal experience of someone close to me, names have been altered and I do hope you enjoy.

Well, best to get familiar with the star of the story.

My name is Khalifa, a tall, young, not so handsome but I’m easy on the eyes and extremely dark skinned. I get teased about my complexion a lot and I also have a thing for thick women and big breasts. I’m weird and at times I think doling out sexual pleasure is the only reason God created me.

This story took place when I was in Year One/ 100 L.

After finally gaining admission into one of the federal universities in Nigeria; I was feeling really proud of myself, the admission came late but I was finally glad to be an undergraduate and leave the confines of our house and my parents incessant nagging.

After the registration, I got busy, contacting friends about accommodation. We finally secured one, and all I could wait for was the resumption date; which wouldn’t come any faster.

After finally moving in and settling in, I discovered how large the hostel really was, boasting about 80 rooms and it turned out I knew three-quarters of the occupants as we all did the pre-degree programme in the same year. Being in your first year certainly puts limits to things you can do. When school finally resumed, the other occupants of the hostel moved in, mostly 300L students and a few 200L and 400L students.

Now there was this particular 300L babe, she was short and thick, had a pretty face and she did this thing with her eye lashes that was damn crazy. I liked her but the difference in our educational years was the fast barrier and she was always with friends. Her room was directly opposite ours, my roommate and I had opted for a rug which gave our room a kind of classy look. I’d stare at this girl whenever she walked past, her ass was damn! Her tits were small which normally would be a turn off for me but I was willing to overlook her one flaw.

Two weeks after resumption, I ditched school, man couldn’t cope again. Sitting still for hours on stretch wasn’t my thing, so while my mates got dressed on Monday morning; you’d find me gaming or seeing a movie on my laptop.

I kept longing to talk to her, I was tired of the customary hello’s and hi’s. Fate decided to help me one night, I had just popped some pills (I was some sorts of junkie), and I was feeling really good and confident. As I was coming out of a friend’s room I saw her sitting on the pavement and my heart skipped a bit, this is your chance I told myself. I walked past her and pretended to go check on a friend I knew damn well wasn’t home. When I was coming back, I said the customary hello and said after “you know, you look really good”; I didn’t wait for a reply and I sauntered off but she smiled and said “thank you”. I took that as a good thing and once in the confines of my room, I did a little victory dance.

The next day, I went to school, I had an assignment to submit and none of my departmental mate were feeling charitable enough to come to my hostel and pick my note up. When I returned, I was with some friends when she came home from school, alone, which was odd. When she saw me, she smiled and waved at me and headed for her room, that moment I became the star I was meant to be; my friends were like “Oshey o, no dull am o, bad guy” amidst other remarks and laughter. I left the gathering and headed for my room. I was about stepping in when I heard “tsk-tsk”, I looked back to see her and went to meet her. We sat on the pavement and did the introductions then she told me her name was ‘Ore’.

We bonded after that moment, and she became some sort of school mother even though I was just out to smash. When I discovered she had a boyfriend, it dented my hopes of smashing a little but one night she let loose that her boyfriend wasn’t all that kinky in bed; I stored that information in my left hand sharply. Her boyfriend was cute though, light skinned, pink lips and short too, but taller than her. She introduced us one afternoon, and after learning I was in 100 L; he dismissed me as a threat, I saw it his eyes and I smiled to myself.

Fast forward to one fateful Friday night, we was in her room talking, laughing when my roommate knocked and told me he had a guest. I told him not to worry as I would sort myself. When I told her, she was like I could sleep in her room; she had two beds. I just smiled and asked if she was sure and she said she was. At about 11 pm, I turned in and pretended to sleep, some time later, she called out to me and I replied then she asked if I would like to join her on the bed as hers was bigger; I literally did the Chinese getup thing and joined her in bed. I had earlier asked her if I could pull off my shorts because I loved to sleep in my briefs or at times naked and she said no, so I was beside this girl fully clothed while she wore only a nightgown, made of silk.

I told her I wasn’t really comfortable sleeping in my shorts and she told me I could take it off, I joined her in bed with only my boxer briefs and I laid on my back while she slept on her side. After some time I adjusted, getting into the ultimate spooning position, I draped my arm over her waist and she shifted back spooning me completely. Her  gown had ridden up and I could feel she was naked, I started going commando and was soon rock hard, poking at her ass, she gasped softly and asked if she could touch it. I just grabbed her hand and put it on my cock then she grabbed it and stroked gently. She complimented my thickness and length and asked if she could take it, I smiled. I slipped my hand in between her legs and located her snatch which was getting moist, I slid my finger in and she moaned really loud; I repeated it and started fucking her with my finger.

She kept moaning and at a point grabbed my wrist, urging me to stop; I pretended to and once she took her hands off, I fucked her faster and her moans skyrocketed into pleas. I stopped abruptly and thought I hurt her, I asked if I did and she said no, then she explained her insides were contracting, like she wanted to pee or something. I asked if she had ever climaxed before and she said no, I laughed and told her not to worry. I walked her through the process as best as I could then I asked her to sit up and I took off her gown.

We kissed and I sucked on her nipples which got her moaning again. I slid my finger in and started her fucking slowly, then picked up pace; the feeling of trying to go over a cliff returned again and she gripped my hair hard. I felt the pain but said nothing and kept going faster and faster and when she finally erupted, she squirted. Her juices dampening the bed, she released her grip on my hair and I was ready for round two. I was about to get on top of her, when she said; “No, I’m sorry. I can’t cheat on my boyfriend”. I smiled and replied it was alright. I was rock hard, the tip of my cock was engorged and throbbing. I wore my clothes back and went to the other bed and slept off not bothering to reply her.

The next morning, at about 8, I unlocked her door and told her I was heading to the field. She looked really good standing up from bed and staring at her got my blood flowing south, I left and headed towards the guys I saw gathering around heading to the field; I tagged along and played out my frustrations. When we returned, I showered and was about stepping out when she called me, I went to meet her and suddenly the rain started. Not all these light rain o, a heavy one, I would have been glad but she didn’t want to cheat. As I entered her room, she locked her door and stood on her toes trying to kiss, I bent my head and kissed her then I pulled out and said she shouldn’t cheat on her boyfriend. She laughed and said “I want you to fuck me, I’ve been thinking about last night and I’m very horny and wet right now”. She need not say more, I turned her around and pressed my erection into her ass, my cock was hot against my own thigh and I just wanted to fuck.

We approached her reading table, pushing the chair out of the way, she put her hands on the table and raised her skirt up, showing me her bare ass. I frantically pulled off my jeans and boxers and I was soon standing in my naked glory with only my shirt on and my black cock standing at attention slightly curved to the left. I was about to slam home when she handed me Durex condom, I tore the foil off it and donned it on. Then I approached her and spread her legs a bit, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her slit which was wet and I slid in. Damn, she was hot, wet and tight. I started out slowly, trying to get her accustomed and also pick a rhythm. She moaned with each thrust and I picked up pace, slamming into her, her moans got louder but the rain drowned it out. I kept fucking her cunt which was really good and she just kept moaning, I pulled out and sat on her chair, she sat on my cock in the reverse-cowgirl manner and bounced slowly, I couldn’t thrust in as the chair wasn’t against the wall and i didn’t want us to fall. I felt something running onto my balls and thighs and I knew she had orgasmed. I urged her to stand up and took her to the bed, spread her legs open and slammed in. She grabbed me tightly as I made my thrusts hard and fast, I wanted to cum so bad and it seemed to be eluding me.

I kept pounding and I could hear her telling me to cum, her cunt got tighter as she was trying to make me cum, I got some more thrusts in before erupting in the condom. I pulled out and went to the bathroom, disposing of the condom. The tip of my cock was still shining with my cum and I thought to wash it off but I went back to her and grabbed her head. She took my semi-hard cock in and sucked the left over cum into her mouth, I smiled and settled in beside her and we fell asleep shortly all sweaty and tired not minding the smell of the room; it smelt like sweaty body and sex.

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