The Boss  1

Hey Guys, I know it’s been a while I posted on here. I’ve been working on different categories to satisfy most of your wants. I appreciate the feedback I got from some of you. I hope you enjoy the new stories! Thank you for your time and support.  

Chris was an hardworking man; he always had a smile on his face and a pleasant word for everyone. But deep down; he was a nasty dude. He could come up with ways to please a woman in seconds but he shoved it deep down as he was a responsible man with a good job.

Chris worked in a firm and had his own cubicle separated from the rest of most of his co-workers. His boss; Doyin was an uptight woman, pleasing at times and also very annoying. The good thing about her was she had a damned good nice ass and an awesome shape. 

Fast forward to the D-day;
“Chris, the boss would like to see you” says Joke. 

“What have I done this time around” Chris thinks. 

He immediately leaves to go see her and knocks the door to her office. He entered when he asked him to come in. 
Doyin had her glasses on which mostly signifies she was in a foul mood; she motioned for him to sit and Chris began to feel uneasy. She acknowledged him for his hard work and said his last two report had been disturbing as there had been series of obscenities in it. 

Chris tries to launch into an explanation but she shut him off. She then calls her secretary, Joke and tell her she doesn’t want to be disturbed for the next couple of hours. 

She stands up from her seat and comes towards Chris. Chris begins to stammer; trying to apologize. 

Suddenly, she pulls him by his tie and kisses him. 

Chris is surprised at her action. 

“I’ve noticed you checking me out; don’t you want to act out your fantasies?” Doyin asked.  

Chris needed no more encouragement. 

He kissed her hard and started to unbutton her jacket. 
He stops and looks at Doyin; she looked rumpled and her glasses were still on her face. He pushes her backwards till her ass was on her table then he hitched her skirt up; showing her black  panties. 

Doyin was moist which was obvious as her panties were made of lace. He knelt down and parted her thighs wide; he then gave her cunt a long lick with the panties still on. 

Doyin had to resist the urge to moan out loud, so she whimpered. Chris kept going at her till her juices were overflowing. He took off her panties; left it at her ankles and buried his head in her cunt, alternating between long licks and rolling his tongue around her clit.

When he added a finger; Doyin moaned out loud. Chris then took off the panties fully and stuffed it into her mouth to avoid more noise. 

He added another finger as he fucked her cunt while still tongue fucking her clit. 

Doyin couldn’t hold it no longer as she climaxed heavily. 

Chris increased the rate at which he was pleasing her and Doyin orgasmed again. 
He stood up and unzipped his pants; bringing out his cock which stood at full mast. He had a slightly curved cock; his girth and length were crisscrossed with veins and the tip was engorged. 

While Doyin was still in the throes of her orgasm; he pulled her down; making her kneel. 

He pulled the panties out of her mouth and replaced it with his cock. He fucked her mouth making saliva splatter all over her shirt. 

He then tore open her shirt and he could hear the buttons scattering around; Doyin had beautiful breasts and she wore a bra that clasped in the front. 

Chris pulled his cock out of her mouth and helped her up. He unclasped her bra deftly and buried his head in her breasts; making love to each one, teasing her nipples and making them hard. 

She was busy whimpering, avoiding not to moan too loud. He returned her to her knees and sandwiched his cock with her breasts; he tried to fuck but there was not enough lubrication. 

He felt some fluid on the tip of his cock and he found out she was spitting on his cock trying to create some friction. 

He used the saliva to fuck her tits for a while; meanwhile Doyin’s cunt was busy drooping; she wanted his cock so bad. 
Chris pulled out of titty fucking his boss and she stood up; she sat on the edge of her table and motioned for him to come closer.

He slammed his cock into her; and she moaned out loudly; he looked around for her panties and stuffed them back into her mouth. 

He started thrusting into her slowly and later picked up the pace. 

Doyin climaxed around his cock as he was thrusting into her, he pulled out and turned her around. 
He takes her doggy style; her back was arched and he kept pounding into her as hard as he could. 

Doyin still had her glasses on; although it was a bit bent. Chris kept pounding till he was about to cum; he pulled out of her cunt and motioned for her to kneel. 

He splattered his cum over her face and her glasses; which had always been a secret fantasy of his. 

He pulled the panties out her mouth and kissed her. 
He rolled her panties into a ball and stuffed it into his pocket. 

He zipped up and left her office; leaving Doyin speechless and satisfied.

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